4 Terminal Single Reed Flush Contact +Tamper +Resistors- A41Multi


4 Terminal Single Reed Flush Contact +Tamper +Resistors- A41Multi
Key Features:

A Grade 2 contact easily suited to most intermediate installations. Ideal for double door / shared zone use.

A41MULTI features a variety of integral resistors, providing 2 wire EOL installation capability. The resistors will suit a wide range of the most popular panel brands such as Honeywell, Scantronic, RISCO, HKC, Pyronix, Guardall, Castle etc. The resistors are supplied on a set of 4 modules – these are to be inserted into the PCB in order to select the desired configuration. A no-resistor combination provides traditional 4-wire capability where desired.

Wiring is completed using four wire clamping screw down terminals on the PCB.

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Brand Knight
Code 117.947