4000 Series Vr Kit Surface 3 Way


4000 Series Vr Kit Surface 3 Way
Key Features:
  • VR4K is a new range of vandal resistant audio kits, developed from the popular 4K series.
  • The face plate is manufactured from 2.5 mm stainless steel and incorporates IP68 stainless steel push buttons.
  • The face plate is housed in the 4000 series front support frame, which gives the unit substantial strength.
  • Disability Friendly, with acoustic and visual signalling of the system status (conversation in progress and door open indication) Reassurance tones are standard.
  • Multiple entrances (up to 4) without the need of the 2 entrance exchange unit.
  • Dry contact relay for lock release connection.

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Brand Videx
Code 800.339