8 Relays Expansion Card For Eracle 8 43ECR032


8 Relays Expansion Card For Eracle 8 43ECR032
The 8 relay expansion module can be connected to the 8-zone ERACLE control panel 43CPC008 via serial port. Each relay is associated with a zone and will be activated in the event of a fire alarm being generated in that zone. Any siren activation delay set on the control panel will also be applied to the relays of module 43ECR032. Power supply voltage: 24 Vdc. Current consumption on standby: 8 mA. Additional consumption for each active relay: 10 mA. Maximum current consumption: 2 A. Contacts capacity: 1 A - 12 V or 0.5 A - 24 V. Cable cross-section: 1.5 / 2.5 mm2. Operating temperature -5°C / +40 C. Operating relative humidity: (93 ± 3) % - 40 °C. Dimensions:(HxLxD): 130x111x41 mm. Weight: 0.4 kg

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Brand Comelit Fire
Code 888.732