01 - The more doors, the better with Nortech Control

Some useful information you may not know about the product offering from Nortech Control
01 - The more doors, the better with Nortech Control


We’ve been selling network based access control equipment for a long time and we can honestly say that the offering from Nortech Control based in Cwmbran, South Wales is one of our favourites.


Able to offer a full range of access control equipment from control panels to readers to cards and fobs, Nortech excel at what they do.


In some ways, Nortech equipment is very similar to any access control system you may have installed before. Readers connect to the control panels, the panels can be networked together for large, scalable systems and then connected to software either by USB or TCP/IP.


In a lot of ways though, Nortech changes the established order with their approach to system design, completely free administration, reporting and badge design suites, flexible communication options and wide range of readers.


System design:


In the past, you may have installed systems where each door required its own controller. This can be all well and good for small systems or where doors are fairly spread out but when you have a large system or a series of doors in close proximity it can be costly and require a lot of space.


While Nortech does have a competitively priced single door controller in the product portfolio, they also have two door and four door fully functional controllers which can save money not only on equipment but also on precious installation time.


        • The CRC220-4 controller allows connection of up to 4 doors for read in / free exit
        • The CRC221-2 controller allows connection of up to 2 doors for read in / read out or free exit
        • The CRC221-1 controller allows connection of a single door for read in / read out or free exit


All Nortech control panels are designed and built in the UK for ultimate reliability.


Software suites provided free of charge:


When ordering a Nortech system, you will get a copy of the Norpass3 software CD. Norpass3 is a flexible, user friendly access control administration system with advanced functionality such as the integrated reporting suite, roll call and count groups.


The day to day use of Norpass3 has been designed to be simple to use by anyone, not just your local computer genius. While set up for installers is kept straightforward by use of the step by step set up wizard program.


To top it all off, ID Studio allows users to design user badges for printing while keeping the details of each badge on a database linked in to Norpass3.




Up to 64 controllers can be networked together in a single system making a maximum system of 256 doors.


Nortech control panels allow communication to the software either by USB directly into the computer or by TCP/IP communication into the existing computer network. Nortech panels are field upgradable to TCP/IP offering low initial installation costs and future product upgrade functionality.


The ACU network can be created by joining panels together via RS485 or each panel can be connected to TCP/IP individually. Installers can even mix and match communication methods so for example:


        • 2 panels could be connected to TCP/IP individually
        • Three panels could be connected to a fourth via RS485 then the fourth is connected to TCP/IP
        • Two panels are connected together then one of them is connected to USB on the PC


All panels are then brought together in the software to make a single, centrally administered access control system.


This flexibility allows tricky installations to become much simpler, again saving time and money on equipment and installation.




Nortech Control are experts in reader technology. With a wide range of reader designs from mullion to vandal resistant and from panel mount to flush, there is a reader to suit virtually any installation.


Not content with just the aesthetic of their readers, Nortech have worked hard to ensure that they have a reader technology for almost any requirement. So whether the installation requires 125kHz EM, DualProx, Mifare, Legic or another technology, Nortech has it covered.


For Hands Free fans, Nortech has partnered with Nedap to provide a range of ultra reliable long range access control readers that are able to seamlessly work on the Norpass3 platform. Vehicle and barrier access control is also catered for with Microwave and UHF readers along with ANPR equipment.


So when it comes to networked access control systems, it pays to look to a manufacturer that can provide a product for almost any need, it pays to look to a manufacturer that can provide the support you require and it pays to look to a manufacturer that can save your company time and money. It pays to look to Nortech Control.


The full Nortech Control range including network access control, standalone access control and parking management is available from Traders Warehouse Security Distribution now.

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