02 - The three words that sum up the Hochiki’s ESP addressable range

The three simple words that make the Hochiki ESP addressable fire detection range stand out
02 - The three words that sum up the Hochiki’s ESP addressable range

When specifying any security system, the most important factors to be considered are suitability, reliability and flexibility. It sounds simple but carefully choosing your equipment to achieve these three words can make the difference between a system that works exactly to specification and one that’s just not up to the job.


Of all the security disciplines, fire detection can have the most drastic effects in the event of a system not being to specification. If a camera fails in a CCTV system or if an intruder alarm siren does not sound, chances are it’s not going to risk life. If a fire detection system fails in its job, the results can be disastrous.


With this in mind, Hochiki have developed an intelligent range of fire detection and alarm equipment which is manufactured to the highest international standards, offering life safety products and systems of incomparable reliability.


This extensive range of products includes high performance sensors, a wide selection of input and output modules and ancillaries. All products use Hochiki’s high integrity communications link ENHANCED SYSTEM PROTOCOL (ESP) that is fundamental to the range.


One of the cornerstones of the ESP range is the flexibility it brings. Open protocol communications allows the range to be integrated with control panels from a number of independent leading manufacturers. Panel development in close partnership with Hochiki ensures that the functional benefits of Hochiki’s system are incorporated and rigorous testing of compatibility guarantees that compliance is maintained.


Installation companies can also benefit from the flexibility of the single common mounting base for the ESP range. Simply fit a base and add a sensor, a beacon or a sounder. If the specification of the job changes or if the system requires alteration some time after installation, the existing device is simply clicked off and the new device clicked into place. No removal of wires or screws is necessary.


Finally, the suitability of Hochiki equipment cannot be argued. As an independent, multi-national, publicly listed company, Hochiki is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial and industrial fire detection solutions. Hochiki has acquired global acceptance as the benchmark for high-integrity and long-term reliability.


So next time you’re specifying a fire detection system, think suitability, think reliability, think flexibility. Think Hochiki.


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