C048-D-E1-KPD- Galaxy GD48 Panel With MK7 Keypad


C048-D-E1-KPD- Galaxy GD48 Panel With MK7 Keypad
Key features:
  • Up to 8 independent protected areas
  • Up to 48 detection zones (16 zones on-board)
  • Up to 8 doors
  • Up to 100 card holders per system
  • Up to 19 Weekly schedules
  • Supports up to 8 keypads
  • Support for graphical touch-screen keypad (1)
  • Event logs for Access and Intrusion (up to 1000 each)
  • Supports several communications options (GPRS PSTN, ISDN, Ethernet)
  • Up to 8 Audio Verification (listen-in) channels
  • Single PC based central management solution
  • Enhanced interfacing protocol for system integration
  • EN50131-3:2009, EN50131-6:2008, PD6662:2010 and certified by a third party testing agency
  • Fully compatible with existing Galaxy range
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Brand Honeywell
Code 101.654