PRO-View PLUS 32 Channel 2U DVR (No Hard Drive)

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PRO-View PLUS 32 Channel 2U DVR (No Hard Drive)
QFC: 902.311

This CCTV recorder is ideal for large business installations where functionality, ease of use and long recording retention are important to your CCTV system. The PRO-View 32 Channel 2U DVR supports connection of 960H cameras. This unit does not contain a hard drive. Up to six hard drives can be installed (or four hard drives and a DVD writer). Rack mount brackets are supplied as standard.

Data Sheet

Manufacturer part number: PV132


The PRO-View 32 Channel 2U DVR (PV132) has been designed with the user in mind. Combining advanced features with a user friendly interface, this DVR is the perfect recording solution for your home or business CCTV system. 

The DVR is housed in a 2U casing and is supplied with rack mount brackets as standard making it ideal for installation into a 19" data cabinet.

Up to 32 cameras can be connected to the PV132 DVR. The video is then recorded onto an internal hard drive (up to 6 x 6TB in size) for playback and backup using the simple menu system.

The large case allows for the installation of up to six hard drives or four hard drives and a DVD writer.

Advanced functions include remote live view and playback from a PC, Mac, Apple and Android mobile device over the Internet, intelligent video motion detection with e-mail and push notification alerts and full schedule recording setup.

The DVR can accept video signals from analogue (960H resolution) cameras.


• Records up to 12 frames per second (FPS) per camera at D1 & 960H resolution
• Records up to 25 frames per second (FPS) per camera at CIF & HD1 resolution

• Space for six SATA hard drives up to 6TB in size each (or four drives and a DVD writer
• eSATA port for connection of an additional storage array
• Remote viewing from PC, Mac and Apple / Android mobile devices
• Email notifications of events
• Intelligent video motion detection
• HDMI, VGA and BNC video outputs
• Four independent relay outputs

Plug & Play Camera Setup

When you connect an analogue camera into the PV132, the image from the camera is instantly detected and displayed on your monitor. There is no additional setup to perform.


The PV132 can record at up to 25FPS per camera (also known as real time) when in CIF or HD1 resolution or up to 12FPS per camera when in D1 or 960H resolution using analogue cameras.

Remote Viewing

Users can view their cameras live or play back recorded footage directly from a Windows PC, Mac and Apple / Android mobile devices. Other remote functions include 2 way audio to speak into site (only available via mobile devices), remote relay trigger and remote video backup. All versions of the iWatch DVR software are free to download and use.

Some setup is required to enable remote viewing. Our technical support team will be able to assist you using screen sharing software. Call us on 0330 122 2410.


The PV132 can accomodate six hard drives up to 6TB in size each (or four hard drives and a DVD writer). Once the hard drive becomes full, the PV132 will automatically begin recording over the oldest footage on the hard drive.

Estimated recording times with a 2TB hard drive at 960H resolution for 32 cameras:

• 3.5 Days at 12FPS per camera
• 4.5 Days at 9FPS per camera
• 5.5 Days at 6FPS per camera
• 7.5 Days at 3FPS per camera
• 9.5 Days at 1FPS per camera

Data Sheet

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer part number PV132
Brand PRO-View
Technology Analogue (SD)
Max. Cameras 32
Hard Drive Size None

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